Located at Währinger Straße 138, 1180 Wien, our cozy coffeeshop is open 7 days a week. We offer a variety of specialty coffee drinks, including espresso-based favorites like cappuccino and flat white with beans from Prem Frisch Kaffee, as well as filter coffee from Nomi Coffee. Our menu also features other hot beverages such as tea, chai, and matcha latte. To refresh and cool down, enjoy our selection of cold drinks, including Wostok Lemonades, Makava Ice Tea, and Tirola Kola. And for the perfect after-work unwinding, we serve Schremser Bier, Muschicraft Bier, white wine, and various spritz options.

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If you’re looking for a great gift or want to enjoy specialty coffee at home, we have a variety of coffee beans available for purchase. Our lineup features coffee beans from notable Viennese specialty roasters such as prem Frisch Kaffee, Nomi Coffee, and other varying coffee roasters. This includes, for example, the Women in Coffee line from BUNA Coffee Roasters, which showcases our commitment to supporting ethical and sustainable coffee production. For a thoughtful gift, consider pairing a bag of our specialty coffee beans with a book from our carefully curated selection, offering a delightful combination for the coffee and book lovers in your life."

Our opening hours

Monday-Thursday: 10-18:30

Friday: 10-20

Saturday: 10-18

Sunday: 10-14