Forward Magazine Issue No. 4 - “Reconnect Issue”

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It's here! We're proudly presenting the fourth edition of the Forward Print Magazine: the Reconnect Issue. In 146 pages and 11 interviews with artists like Christoph Niemann, Felipe Pantone or Martha Cooper, the magazine focuses on re-connecting creatives, as well as the challenges and opportunities of the last 18 months and their impact on creativity, design & art.

The blurry times we still live in are reflected not only in the featured articles and interviews but in the whole look and feel of the magazine: The cover, therefore, has a shiny rub surface indicating to always stay curious and think big; inside the magazine, transparent pages give the reader the feeling of blurriness.

Including interviews with

- Christoph Niemann
- Felipe Pantone
- Martha Cooper
- Nicole McLaughlin
- Johann König
- Annie Atkins
- Hartmut Esslinger
- Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
- Erich Berchbühl
- Zhonglin
- Barnaby Steel

Since 2018, Forward Creatives have been publishing our own annual print magazine, which is always in line with the Forwrd festival motto.
The design is brought to you by Zwupp, the content is by Forward Creatives and the magazine is read by every single Forward Festival visitor.
In our online shop you can order the magazine and read interviews with festival speakers like Stefan Sagmeister, Mirko Borsche, Jessica Walsh, Eike König, Annie Atkins, Paula Scher & Anthony Burrill.

Forward Magazine Issue No. 4 - “Reconnect Issue”