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Wild Alchemy Journal #aether

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Regulärer Preis
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In a radical new format to honour the aether element, this issue is an augmented-reality playable artwork and the first of its kind.

Giant 700 x 1000mm (B1) double-sided print.

Cover artwork and animation by Reza Hasni.

Reverse contains the 72 journal pages as 72 augmented-reality images linking to audio-visual content from our global collective of artists and practitioners.

Unique portal to articles, interviews and extended interactive content on a hidden link within our web platform.

Playable fortune teller artwork by Daniel Martin Diaz and divination matrix that will allow for random navigation of the journal to reveal subtle correspondences and unlock hidden content.

Once you have completed your multi-dimensional exploration, choose the final form your journal takes by either framing the print or transforming it into an origami polyhedra sculpture of one of the platonic solids, guided by renowned origami master John Montroll. Wild Alchemy Lab is a resource for seekers, makers and imaginators. We are a multi-sensory publishing platform and global collective of artists, academic researchers and occult practitioners. Our transdisciplinary practice explores nature, science and esoterica at the intersection of plants, planets and people.

Wild Alchemy Journal