This story starts with a bean of coffee. The dream to build a community in the age of loneliness. Whether you find that friend in a book we love, or in a crazy conversation with the misfits ordering their third morning coffee, we’ll know we got it right if you leave Kanopi a little more curious than you arrived.


Our collection of books, indie magazines, and ceramics aims to inspire a creative way of living. Creative life is not only for those who devote themselves to art. It is a path that helps us discover the beauty and transcendence in everyday life. It invites us to live a life fueled by curiosity rather than fear. Our titles therefore cover a wide range of fields: Art, design, photography, fashion, food and drink, mindfulness, nature, philosophy, literature, business, music, film etc.


As the new local coffee hub in Währing, we're happy to be a place where neighbors come together. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to relax or just a quick coffee to go, we've got you covered.

Währinger Straße 138, 1180 Vienna

Mo-Thur 10-18:30h
Fr 10-20h
Sat 10-18h
Sun 10-14h